Dogs & Storks

Preparing families with dogs for life with baby. Having a baby? This presentation is designed to Set families with dogs up for success when integrating a baby into their family. Next presentation: January 30th at 2:00pm MST

Dogs & Toddlers

Preparing Families with Dogs for Life with Toddler. Baby about to start moving? Or maybe babies already on the go! This presentation is designed for you! Making sure baby and dog are safe and you can continue to build bonds that last! Next presentation date: February 27th at 2:00pm MST

Continuing the bond for dogs and school aged children

Want fun and effective ways for your growing children to interact with the family dog? This course is designed to keep interactions positive and continue building bonds.

Learn to communicate more effectively with your Dog

This is a crash course in body language. The more you can tell what your dog is trying to communicate to you, the more you can help your dog become a confident and well rounded member of your family.

Manners that Matter for Life with Families

Did you just get a new dog or puppy and want the whole family to be involved in training? I focus on manners that matter for a family dog, and get the whole family involved in training! I will come to you, or if you would rather we can work together on Zoom.

Solving issues betweeen Dogs and Kids

Do you have concerns about the interactions between your dog and children, no matter the age we will work together to problem solve and come up with solutions to help!

One on One Consultations

I will provide private consultations around your unique situation to help manage your children of any age with the family dog(s). We will work together to find solutions that work for you to make your life and your dog's life more enjoyable.

Semi-Private Classes

Have a few friends that are also interested in learning more about managing dogs and kids together? I offer semi-private lessons for you and up to 3 more families.

Virtual Services

I offer consultations and private or semi-private training through zoom. If you are not directly in my area, it is more convenient, or you feel more comfortable meeting through zoom, I offer one on one sessions, or semi-private sessions through Zoom.