About Me

About Me

Trained & Experienced

I am a CPDT-KA certified trainer and I have been involved in dog training since 2018 when I graduated from the PACE program from the Cochrane & Area Humane Society. My love for dogs and training has been a life-long passion as it has been for most professionals in this industry, but my passion for helping families has been a newfound love.

Specializing in Family Education

As a newer mom myself I understand the anxiety and stress new parents face when setting up positive relationships between their dog and baby. I am here to help! Whether you are expecting your first baby, have a baby that has started moving, or are adding a dog to your family I am here to support you in your own personal journey into parenthood with dogs and kids!

What I Offer

In home consultations

I will provide private consultations around your unique situation to help manage your children of any age with the family dog(s). We will work together to find solutions that work for you to make your life and your dog's life more enjoyable.

  • First Consultation (1.5 hours) – $90
  • Package of 4 Consultations (1 hour each) - $300
  • Additional Consultations after first Consultation or package - $75 each

Semi-Private Lessons

Have a few friends that are also interested in learning more about managing dogs and kids together? I offer semi-private lessons for you and up to 3 more families. I will use Family Paws® Parent Education (FPPE) materials and teach you what you need to know how to create successful bonds between your kids and dogs.

  • One lesson - $50 per couple
  • Package of 4 lessons $150 per couple

Remote Consultations

I offer consultations and private or semi-private training through zoom. If you are not directly in my area, it is more convenient, or you feel more comfortable meeting through zoom, I offer one on one sessions, or semi-private sessions through Zoom.